Hello, I'm Patricio Araya, a graphic designer graduated from Instituto profesional Los Leones, Chile, currently living in Košice, Slovakia.
I specialize in advertising graphic design, with a focus on wine labels.

5 years of experience designing labels for several wineries that export their wines all over the world, taught me that every wine has a story, and that's what my goal is. To create new, unique labels, that give a wine its own personality and reflects its tale.
I'm passionate about new projects, being wine labels or others.

Expositions that my labels took a part in:

Zhengzhóu Wine Fair 2019 (China)
Zhengzhóu Wine and Liquor Fair 2019
ProWine Shangai,China 2019
Top Wine Beijing en Junio 2019
Tianjin Wine Fair 2019
Chengdu Wine Exhibition 2019

Patricio Araya